In lieu of yet another release that's all about Zelda, Mega Man, Final Fantasy, or some other title that's had more than its fair share of musical tributes already, the 28th official album from OCRemix celebrates something rather obscure, at least comparatively speaking.

Yet there's little doubt that fans of Super Dodgeball will be happy to hear that their favorite soundtrack is finally getting some long overdue attention. As the title Around The World implies, it has a real globetrotting feel.

You'll hear music that's indigenous to the lands that your team travels to, on their quest to secure the worldwide dodge ball tournament. Basically, remixes of all the stages from the game.

There's 19 tracks from 25 different artists from the OverClocked community, and like every previous release, it can be nabbed for totally free. If you dig the OCRemix sound, but have grown weary of yet another Bubble Man mix, this one's definitely worth giving it a shot.