"They had made it. Only just, but they were alive. After battling thousands upon thousands of the infected horde, the survivors had finally reached their destination: Riverside. However, they now faced their toughest and most terrifying challenge ever: living with each other…"

So begins Left 4 Sims, Ben Borthwick's blog project following Louis, Francis, Bill, and Zoey as they recover from fighting their way through thousands of Infected, and move into a new house together in the small town of Riverside.

Recreated in The Sims 3, the Left 4 Dead stars are already clashing in Borthwick's first installment, with Zoey demanding her own bed, and Bill preparing salads for the group in a most unsanitary way. You can read the entire chapter here, and also download the Survivors for your own Sims 3 adventures at the game's official site.

[Via Offworld]